We’re amplifying our organic growth and helping people discover, share, and adopt Prospa. We are looking for an exceptional growth leader who will work with the leadership team .The ideal candidate is data-driven, user-focused who can both think strategically and dive into details.

About Us

Prospa is a financial operating system for Nigerian entrepreneurs. It takes just 5 minutes to open and members get a bank account number in their company name. With Prospa, business owners can make and receive transfers, send invoices, set up an e-commerce store and more. Using an intuitive and beautifully designed mobile and web application.

Our mission is to support Africans in building financial prosperity. As a company we are committed to building a culture of excellence, empathy and growth.

We are backed by Y Combinator and some of the most well respected and prolific investors in the US, Africa and Europe.

Here are some things you’ll do on the job:

  • Think actively about our entire funnel and find the highest priority optimizations for company growth.
  • Experiment with and scale ads and sponsorships across Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, podcasts, and maybe even TikTok
  • Optimize our SEO and drive discovery of our content
  • Set up and measure referral programs with reasonable incentives
  • Fine-tune onboarding with product changes, email campaigns, and whatever else you can think of
  • Measure our marketing efforts and develop stats and proxies for meaningful events in the customer lifecycle
  • Think up fun ways to increase user engagement with the product and brand
  • Conceptualize, test, write, and, if you can, make creatives for user acquisition, like landing pages or ads
  • Set up and monitor product analytics and other growth tools
  • Find and open up wild user acquisition channels we haven’t previously thought of

You should:

  • Have broad experience across the growth stack
  • Have a quick intuition for what successful growth projects look like and be comfortable diving into whatever sees traction, be it ads or email campaigns or a referral program
  • Understand our brand and how to leverage it for scalable user acquisition
  • Deeply empathize with our customers and be able to think how they think
  • Understand how to balance first principle thinking with data analysis
  • Have a strong grasp of the stories numbers tell
  • Enjoy crafting a beautiful product
  • Think about growth as a function of user experience and product, and avoid dark patterns at all costs
  • Regularly think of wild ideas
  • Have a bottomless utility belt you can pull skills out of, from SQL to product photography to copywriting
  • And, ideally, have a love for language and a sense of aesthetics

Here’s just some of our perks:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical cover
  • Wellness perks
  • Paid time off (leave days)
  • Work tools
  • Our mission is focused on empowering members to create better experiences, that same mission driven statement is a promise to our team.
  • We invest in our employees through career development & opportunities.

Like what you see?

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply below.